6 tips for good night’s sleep while traveling

There are many reasons why you lose sleep while traveling , such as time zone is skewed , strange house , tired body … And the following article will tell you a few secrets to improve this situation , help you fast quickly regain sleep while traveling .


1 . Adjusting your sleep

It should be noted that you must adjust his sleep a few days before departure , to prepare for the impact of the new time zone . This also includes things you would change eating habits , to ensure arrival at the new place or you ‘ll be ready to face the changes .

2 . Keeping the body hydrated

6 tips for good night’s sleep while travelingWhen you travel to high mountain areas , along with the fresh air , then your body and your skin is also very easy to get dehydrated . So , you remember to add water to the full body , before some 24 to 48 hours before departure . If you travel by plane or bus , besides the carriers are equipped with drinking water , you should also prepare yourself for a big bottle of water to drink when needed . The addition of enough water in the body will help you avoid getting drunk and sober during car trips .

3 . Avoid night flights

Typically , night flights only tourists choose to travel on international flights . However, there are many tourists still travel in the country selected flights , hotels or car journey at night to be able to save and spend more time in the resort . However, if there really is not too urgent issues , you should not move at night , as this will disrupt your sleep , and affects sleep in the next day during journey . Besides, you will also have trouble getting luggage to the hotel and move , by going at night also quite dangerous , especially when you travel alone .

4 . Saying ” no ” to activities likely to cause irritation

When you ‘re trying to sleep , even when you ‘re on the plane or in the hotel on the first night , it is best you should say ” no ” or to reduce the items can easily cause irritation around . This includes you will not use the television , computer , phone in about an hour or a half hour before bedtime . The best way to easily fall asleep listening to soothing music , music is not the best word .

5 . Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate

When traveling and you want to take a nap in the lengthy period on the car , then prior to departure you should wear comfortable clothing and appropriate . If the trip lasts more than two hours , you can wear the pants and sport short sleeves , or as if a longer trip , you can prepare the jacket or towel to avoid cold low temperatures . His choice for comfortable clothes and trendy , not only makes you feel more confident that the while your body is comfortable and relaxed and fall asleep more easily .

6 . Pay attention to the food you eat

Finally , what you eat will affect the majority of your feelings during the trip and decided to have a sound sleep by you. If you eat the food that you get bloating and indigestion, the body will feel tired and uncomfortable , so it will be difficult to get a good night’s sleep . Therefore, the suggestion for you is to eat only snacks , simple period moving , as this will ensure that you can easily have a good sleep .

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