About Bonsai Tools


about bonsai tools

Bonsai plants are a beautiful and creative way to bring a Zen-like feeling to any home or office. With a unique structure and varied foliage and styles, collecting and growing bonsai can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby for those that love plants. Dependent on the bonsai, you may also be able to use the plant in your landscaping to give a unique look and feel to your garden or yard. Taking care of a bonsai is a little more complicated than your average plant, but with patience and the right tools, anyone can become a bonsai connoisseur.

Root Cutter

The root cutter is a special tool to help cut a bonsai’s roots when trying to start a new shoot, or when transplanting a bonsai. Roots can be cut with a variety of cutters, but the root cutter has thicker and stronger blades. When cutting bonsai roots it’s common to get a piece of decorative gravel or rock caught in the way. The thicker and stronger blades of root cutters are specifically made to not bend, dull, or break when this happens.

Root Hook

Another important bonsai root tool is the root hook. The root hook allows you to easily pull out and untangle roots when trying to transplant or re-pot a bonsai. The root hook allows you to remove the soil and untangle the roots without damaging the bonsai. Root hooks are normally only used with larger bonsai. For small bonsai, a pair of chopsticks will accomplish the same task.

Knob Cutter

A knob cutter looks like two halves of a spear coming together. This unique shape of this tool allows the bonsai trimmer the ability to cut into the wood quickly and aggressively while still being able to maintain the final surface cut. The knob cutter can also help to cut through roots.

Wire/Wire Cutters

Wire is one of the most important sculpting tools for the bonsai. Bonsai artists use wire to manipulate the growth of a bonsai into complex shapes and forms over time. The wire is applied to the trunk, slowly bending the plant or tree to the desired shape. Most any wire and wire cutters may be used. However, bonsai specific wire and wire cutters are available through bonsai stores online.

Bud Scissors

Bud scissors are used to remove plant buds, leaves, and small branches. Removing these pieces of the bonsai with bud scissors allows you to sculpt your plant in whichever style or direction you like. It also allows you to safely remove dead or unhealthy leaves and branches so that the plant can grow faster and healthier. Though you can remove these by hand, the bud scissors leave a clean cut, allowing less chance of plant bruising or disease getting into the cut.

Concave Pruner

If you could only afford one tool, this is the tool you would want to have. Pruning your bonsai is an integral part of maintenance and health for your bonsai. It also allows you to achieve artistic shapes and forms of the plant. The concave pruner allows you to prune the plant while increasing its ability to heal and protect the open cut. The concave shape of the pruner allows the bonsai to heal the cut wounds from the sides of the wounds, rather than from the top to the bottom. This allows the plant to heal more effectively and wards off disease and plant rot.

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