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Ideas for Using Candles in Home Decorating

Whether they’re used to set the mood or clear the air, candles are a great way to decorate a room. Himalayan salt candles are a fashionable addition to any room – they provide health benefits and promote sleep. The trick to using candles effectively is to find one that fits the room you’re decorating. A candle too large poses a potential fire hazard, and a candle too small is not noticeable. Here are some ideas so you can use candles effectively in home decorating.

Ideas for Using Candles in Home Decorating

One of the most common places in which candles are used is the bathroom. Since the bathroom is a small space in most cases, candle size is especially important. The main candle use in bathrooms is for fragrance, though decorative use is a close second. When I choose candles for the bathroom, I tend to select fragrant votive candles about three inches high. Placed in either glass candle holders or on small reflective plates, votive candles will add fragrance and illumination without overpowering the room. Floating candles are also a suitable choice for the bathroom. You can now find floating candles almost everywhere, even at neighborhood drugstores. Coupled with a small bowl of water, floating candles will work their magic. I especially enjoy the flower-shaped ones. This simple bathroom decoration can be yours for less than ten dollars.

Another popular place for decoration with candles is the bedroom. This room allows you to choose larger-sized candles as well as more dramatic display techniques. Of course, you may choose to decorate with many smaller candles to increase the dramatic or romantic effect. Tea light candles are great for this as well as tapered candles. By melting some candle wax onto a surface and allowing the upright candle base to harden around it, you can place candles without the use of a candle holder. Another option is to select assorted larger candles and place them together. Varying the size and shape creates an eye-attracting area. I like to select cream-colored six-inch votives and group them in a cluster of five in order to increase illumination and atmosphere.

You may not think of candles as conversational starters or coffee table decorations , but candles can be just that. Some of the most colorful candles are ones you make yourself. These can be made from kits found at craft stores. Another source for creative candles is to go online and shop at a place like Illuminations. You can find candles in almost every shape somewhere on the internet, which makes it a great place to explore while decorating.

The final decorating suggestion is not so much about decoration as it is preservation. Candles are sensitive to environmental changes, especially heat. Though smaller candles will not show heat’s effects as visibly, larger candles will show its effects rapidly. It’s best to put your larger candles in cooler environs if you anticipate hot summer conditions in your home.

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