Should I Mow Lawn In Winter ?

Our lawn doesn’t seem to grow much in winter time, mowing lawn with the best push reel mower seems like a waste of time. Are there any advantages to mowing the lawn in winter, or can I safely stop mowing the lawn in winter?

You are right in saying that lawns in Perth do slow down their growth rates in winter, but unlike many of the colder parts of Australia, Perth lawns will never go into full dormancy through winter.

mow lawn in winter

Most lawn types in Perth will continue to grow, but at a slower rate in winter, so mowing will keep the lawn looking neat and tidy throughout this time of year. If you hire a lawn mowing contractor then you also have the second advantage of having the lawn edges trimmed and looking great even through winter, making the home more beautiful year round.

Regular lawn mowing, even in winter time will encourage the lawn to grow more green leaf material. So winter lawn mowing will aid in keeping the lawn green, even in winter.

Mowing will also help keep many different weeds under control during the time of year when they thrive the most. While mowing will have little control on the continuation of seeding of a weed like a winter grass, the mowing can control seeding in most other weed types.

The final point to do with lawn mowing in winter is a fact which is often hidden from the unobserving eye, and this has to do with lawn thatch… and I’ve seen this same thing occur in all lawns which are left unmowed throughout winter…

While a lawn may seem like it’s not growing much in winter, it’s at this time of year that the turf will put more energy into growing its thatch layer. So a lawn may seem like it’s not getting long in its green leaf, but may be growing a thick thatch layer instead. And this becomes a trick of the eye.

With this, many people will not mow their lawns in winter, and then when they do mow the lawn again in Spring, they realize they are now scalping the lawn and cutting into the thatch layer, leaving the lawn brown, and often needing repair, and possibly even dying in some places.

Mowing lawns in winter is recommended, albeit at a reduced frequency, Monthly lawn mowing in winter is recommended.

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