Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Rome

Fortunato al Pantheon

Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Rome

Frequented by lawmakers of numerous influences, the agreeable tables are not swarmed and the administration is inviting but rather exceptionally proficient. The menu is fantastic Italian cooking and consistently there is likewise a rundown of the gourmet specialist’s proposals offering less complex dishes like meatballs with artichokes. The general menu offers exemplary pasta like spaghetti alle vongole and in season they serve heavenly tagliolini with white truffles and crisp funghi porcini. The new fish is picked with consideration and arranged in all the conventional ways and the cook likewise has an excellent hand with the top quality meat. There is a decent wine rundown and a sensible not too fancy wine. In hotter months there are tables situated outside.

Il Convivio di Troianai

The Troiani brothers, Massimo, Giuseppe and Angelo opened Convivio at its unique address in Via dell’Orso in 1990. Today it is viewed as one of the best eateries in the city. It is a spot for uncommon events with its exquisite rooms and lovely tableware. The menu is an energizing blend of old and new. A hefty portion of the customary Roman top choices are given another turn, for example, “new style” boneless oxtail with celeriac puree, and Angelo consolidates regular fixings with panache in his new manifestations. This is extraordinary planner nourishment and individuals are urged to request a progression of half partitions to make their own particular tasting menu. A large portion of the considerable wines are available on the wine rundown and Massimo is upbeat to propose distinctive glasses of wine to run with every dish requested.

Roma Sparita

A diamond concealed in a standout amongst the most delightful piazzas in Trastevere, encompassed by blurring ochre and terracotta structures. As the name proposes it is a survivor of a side of Rome that has practically vanished and speaks to a desert garden in a desert of awful nourishment. In summer the tables are situated out in the piazza and one can sit with a glass of wine appreciating the basic dishes of la cucina romana. The menu is short yet the vast majority desire the tasty cacio e pepe pasta, made with pecorino cheddar and dark pepper, served on a fresh shell of Parmigiano and the cozze alla marinara – mussels with garlic, stew pepper and a clue of tomato.


Vascello, high up in the Monteverde region of Rome, is keep running by two Sardinian couples. In summer the tables outside get all the breeze and give an appreciated break from the warmth of the inside. The extensive ravioli with ricotta and lemon get-up-and-go and the spaghetti with bottarga (cured fish roe) are Sardinian pearls however Angelo likewise makes a portion of the best carbonara and matriciana in Rome. At night you can request slight, fresh pizza and there is a decent decision of meat and fish dishes. Angelo’s wife, Dorina, makes the delightful treats and since her torta di ricotta offers out every night do approach her to spare a bit for you in the event that you are eating later. Attempt the Terre Bianche wine.

Il Tempio di Iside

Il Tempio pulls in the numerous Romans who cherish great fish. Francesco and Cristina are enthusiastic, regularly heading to two fish barters a day to get the finest catch. The fish here merits a definitive Italian award: “It knows the ocean”. The inventive hot and frosty antipasti are heavenly however the pasta with granseola – bug crab – is tasty and the sword fish agnoletti with red pepper sauce must be requested when on the menu. On the off chance that you need to test the phenomenal fish for primary course, or the sweets, you will need to skirt the antipasti or pasta. A decent wine rundown finishes the joy. There are tables outside in the hotter months and an exquisite new sala first floor.

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